Welcome one and all, to the first-ever Phrasee faceoff!

We witnessed the most anticipated subject line performance battle of the year.

In the pink corner, weighing in as one of the UK’s leading “deal a day” sites, successfully offering unbeatable deals on the best stuff to do, see, visit, eat and buy in the UK since 2010, widely renowned for making their customers say ‘WOW’ at every touch point – from that initial email, right through to purchase. We have the deal destroyer, the bargain basher, everyone’s favourite daily deals emailer…  Wowcher!

And, in the orange corner, weighing in as the world’s most effective AI marketing language optimization platform, consistently making brands more money through better marketing language, undefeated in over three years of operation. The Admiral of Awesome, the London Leviathan, the AI that stays fly… Phrasee!

After seven years of growth and success in the market, the Wowcher team was looking for something that would keep their customers wowed, perhaps a tech that could ensure increased engagement as well as revenue growth. And so, Wowcher and Phrasee began training together, honing their fight game for the challengers to come.

60,000 pushups and a successful year of engagement and revenue growth later, the Wowcher team wanted to know why the Phrasee AI optimized subject lines were outperforming previous campaigns. Was it magic? Performance enhancing drugs? Simply a coincidence? Or was Phrasee’s end-to-end Deep Learning ability to generate and optimize marketing language really all that?

If you’re reading this and thinking “Hmm sounds like there’s a challenge on the horizon” then yes, you are correct… it was time to answer all of Wowcher’s questions by putting Phrasee’s AI to the test.

Let’s get ready to ruuuuummmmmmblllllllllllle!

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