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Every travel, hospitality and leisure brand is different, and it's this difference that truly sets you apart in the market. With largely competitive pricing across the board, engaging with your ideal customer comes down to your brand and your copy.

Tapping into your customer lifetime value hinges almost entirely on brand trust. To help maintain and build that trust, your marketing copy has to be on brand - and high-performing - at every touch point.
The language you use to engage with your customers makes a big difference, especially when booking a trip or a holiday.

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  • 22%

    Increase in clicks for

  • 20%

    Increase in opens for

  • 57%

    Increase in clicks for

Hear from our clients

“The results have been very, very good. Virgin Holidays email open rates have had an incremental increase that translates to multi-million pounds in revenue.”

Saul Lopes, Customer Lifecycle Lead

Over the past 3 years, Virgin Holidays has seen a sizeable increase in revenue equating to several million pounds from its email marketing channel. The boost is owed to the early adoption of Phrasee’s AI technology. With plans to overhaul its online user-experience, and grow digital sales to 50% of revenue by 2020, the Virgin Holidays marketing team looked to industry experts to help build and execute on an innovative approach. Virgin Holidays has seen consistent email marketing performance and ROI uplift, and currently attributes its increase in email revenues in the millions of pounds to Phrasee’s AI technology.


in ROI for Virgin Holidays

Phrasee Phacts

  • megaphone

    Your brand voice

    Your brand isn’t generic – so why would you want a generic database of stock phrases in your marketing language? Phrasee’s algorithms are written for you, and no one else.

  • talking

    Human sounding

    Phrasee uses world-leading natural language generation and deep learning algorithms to generate marketing language that sounds human, and performs superhumanly.

  • algorithms

    Tailored algorithms

    Using our awesome algorithms, Phrasee learns what your audience responds to. And it works! Phrasee’s marketing language out-performs human generated language 95% of the time.

  • stopwatch

    Massive time savings

    Phrasee reduces time taken to produce smart marketing language from days to minutes... Meaning more time spent on strategy and creative content. Oh, and we don’t hold any of your personal data.

  • tech

    Multilingual awesomeness

    German? Spanish? Esperanto? No problemo. Phrasee's deep learning engine creates a machine representation of language, and gets you more opens and clicks, regardless of if you say "Hello" or "Bonjour".

  • money

    Make more money

    Better language = more opens, clicks and revenue. Phrasee optimizes towards all three metrics and uses deep learning to increase customer engagement and make you more money. Awesome.

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Discover how applying actual AI to language can deliver big results!


How can a machine write in my unique brand tone of voice?

When we on-board a new customer, our team create tailored generative algorithms, unique to a brand’s voice and business model. This matters. We don’t rely on a generic database of phrases, because your brand isn’t generic. Through Phrasee’s AI language generation, all of the marketing copy is human sounding and brand compliant. Not only does it sound like it comes from a human, but a human in your marketing department.

Will the subject lines generated be generic?

Generic? Nope. Awesome? Yup. We don’t have a generic database of words and phrases. That ain’t our jam. We develop you tailored language generation algorithms. Your brand isn’t generic – so why would you want generic subject lines?

Does Phrasee hold customer data?

No… no… NO! We will never hold any of your customer data. Our algorithms are trained upon aggregated audience results, not individual responses.

How long does it take to get started?

Phrasee isn’t a plug-and-play tool that’s the same for everyone, so it takes a short while to set things up for you. Once you send us the data we require, in about 3 weeks you’ll be up and awesome-ing.

Can I integrate Phrasee into my platform?

Phrasee’s software can be fully accessed programmatically via JSON APIs, or via SFTP batch transfers. This allows us to deeply bed into 3rd party software as and when required.

Why do subject lines matter?

Your subject line is why people open your emails.

How much time do you spend writing your emails… and designing them? All that work is pointless if people don’t open them.

Your subject line is THE most important part of your email campaign that you control.

Think about your own experience. How many emails do you get every day? And you probably only open a few. You only open a few because:

It’s sent from a brand you know and trust
The subject line interests you
It’s raining outside (true story – open rates go up when it’s raining!)
It’s that simple – a two-step process, if you don’t count Mother Nature.

Writing good subject lines is hard. And it’s an imperfect process (our CEO blogged about this very fact here).

Phrasee turns this challenge into an opportunity.

Is Phrasee hiring?

Yes! Check out our careers page for a list of current openings.

Does Phrasee have a theme song?

Great question, and yes. It’s this.

How do I access the Phrasee platform?

Phrasee is a pure-play SaaS platform. You can run unlimited Phrasee campaigns within the platform, without human intervention, in real time — at the click of one button. Or we can run a managed service for you with no decay in performance.