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If you’ve made it here, then you know better than anyone that your consumers are getting smarter by the day and that they expect more with each transaction. They’re on to all of your marketing tactics and continue to put pressure on ever decreasing margins. And we know that it’s becoming more difficult to engage with them by the day. 

Phrasee is a frictionless, end-to-end AI platform that writes better performing marketing copy than humans. Our solution is easily implemented and quickly delivers results. Big results that will get both you and your brand noticed. Phrasee helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace and increases customer conversions to make you more money. 

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N Brown, home to retail brands Simply Be, JD Williams, Ambrose Clinton and more, prides itself in its culture of testing and providing customers with positive and engaging messaging. But with inboxes getting more crowded by the day, even a top 10 UK clothing and footwear digital retailer needed to do more than keep a finger on the pulse of its CRM strategy.  

Phrasee’s powerful machine learning algorithms learn what works, and what doesn’t, to optimize future messaging. It’s a fast fix to better  marketing performance, delivering more opens, clicks, and conversions almost instantly. 

Partnering with Phrasee has rejuvenated customer communications for N Brown brands, including delivering on average 12% email open uplift and 21.3% click uplift across all campaigns for menswear brand Jacamo 

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“We just don’t see those type of numbers on the Jacamo emails so we were really thrilled"

Angela Rhodes, CRM Manager, Jacamo

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