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If you work for a bank, or a credit card company, insurer or the like, you know better than anyone that your database is your key asset. The average financial services customer is worth thousands of dollars across their lifetime... and that's probably under-estimating things. Customers want to feel that you know what their hopes, dreams, and fears are... and they need to trust you.

This means more than simply segmenting your audience. It's about tailored, on-brand marketing copy that performs at every touchpoint. Phrasee's AI will generate you specialized, effective marketing copy that will drive retention, upsales, and crossales over a lifetime. Phrasee's ability to learn from your audience over time will deliver engagement that you can take to the bank.

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"We’ve been trialling AI-based subject lines with Phrasee this year. I still see a lot of companies not achieving the basics yet in email marketing, it’s how you apply it that’s the critical point."

Russ Dawson, Head of UK Email Marketing Operations at Fidelity International

Financial services marketers can be more risk-averse than others – because you have to be. With compliance and governance at the top of the agenda, trust is integral to your marketing. Phrasee’s generative algorithms are tailored to your compliance guidelines, while still maintaining your brand’s voice. And – better yet – we don’t require access to your IT infrastructure, and NEVER process any personal data. This makes getting you up and running on Phrasee a breeze. We use actual AI to generate and optimise marketing language. Hear from our Data Scientist, Neil Yager, on what AI actual is!

Phrasee Phacts

  • megaphone

    Your brand voice

    Your brand isn’t generic – so why would you want a generic database of stock phrases in your marketing language? Phrasee’s algorithms are written for you, and no one else.

  • talking

    Human sounding

    Phrasee uses world-leading natural language generation and Deep Learning algorithms to generate marketing language that sounds human, and performs superhumanly.

  • algorithms

    Tailored algorithms

    Using our awesome algorithms, Phrasee learns what your audience responds to. And it works! Phrasee’s marketing language out-performs human generated language 98% of the time.

  • stopwatch

    Massive time savings

    Phrasee reduces time taken to produce smart marketing language from days to minutes... Meaning more time spent on strategy and creative content. Oh, and we don’t hold any of your personal data.

  • tech

    Multilingual awesomeness

    German? Spanish? Esperanto? No problemo. Phrasee's deep learning engine creates a machine representation of language, and gets you more opens and clicks, regardless of if you say "Hello" or "Bonjour".

  • money

    Make more money

    Better language = more opens, clicks and revenue. Phrasee optimises towards all three metrics and uses deep learning to increase customer engagement and make you more money. Awesome.

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How does it work?

Our computational linguists develop a language generation algorithm that's specific to your brand, and no one else's. Then, you log into Phrasee and generate unique, brand-compliant language on-the-fly. Test these out in your ESP, and upload the results back into Phrasee. This trains our Deep Learning engine - and when you generate next time, your results get better... and better... and better...

Will the subject lines generated be generic?

Generic? Nope. Awesome? Yup. We don't have a generic database of words and phrases. That ain't our jam. We develop you tailored language generation algorithms. Your brand isn't generic - so why would you want generic subject lines?

Does Phrasee hold customer data?

No... no... NO! We will never hold any of your customer data. Our algorithms are trained upon aggregated audience results, not individual responses.

Does Phrasee do trials?

We all love free things, but unfortunately, we don't offer free trials. Everything that we do is 100% customised to your brand, meaning language unique to you. We're so confident that we'll revolutionise your marketing strategy, that we'll happily discuss a proof of concept period.

How long does it take to get started?

Phrasee isn't a plug-and-play tool that's the same for everyone, so it takes a short while to set things up for you. Once you send us the data we require, in about 3 weeks you'll be up and awesome-ing.

Which ESP does Phrasee for Email work with?

All of them! If you can split test, then you can use Phrasee. Phrasee has integrations with a number of ESPs, including Salesforce, IBM Watson, Emarsys and many more.