Basket abandonment emails? Lifecycle campaigns? Welcome programmes? Phrasee’s got your back.

Everyone has trigger campaigns – those campaigns that recur automatically. But rarely do marketers ever consider the subject line! Phrasee uses powerful, always-on optimisation to increase your response rates. Awesome!

Why should I use Phrasee to power my trigger messages?

Always-on optimisation.

Whether your campaigns go out in real-time or in batches, Phrasee optimises them. And you don’t have to lift a finger – well, except to click your mouse button a few times.

Tailored to your brand.

Forget spammer tactics. They work once, and never again. Phrasee uses advanced algorithms to improve your customers’ experiences… all within the confines of your brand guidelines.

ESP agnostic.

Marketo? Eloqua? Hubspot? Something else? It doesn’t matter. Phrasee works alongside any marketing automation platform. And it’s easy (some even say fun) to use. Sweet!

Focused on your KPIs.

With trigger emails you have one shot to make an impact. Phrasee’s algorithms understand this, and optimise towards the KPIs that matter in your always-on campaigns. In a word: awesome!

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