“You are now free to move about the world”

How travel brands can hit the ground running as lockdowns lift

AI: helping travel marketers prepare for the new normal

It’s no secret that travel brands have had a rough go of it lately. A global pandemic has put planning vacations on hold and put business travel on the back burner. When the world opens up again, travel marketers will need to be firing on all cylinders to start getting back to normal.

Luckily, AI is here to help. By adding AI to your marketing now, you can keep your customer relationships intact in the short-term and increase conversions in the future.

How can Phrasee help? 

Phrasee is an AI-powered tool for generating content at scale that’s consistent and always in your brand voice. For years, travel brands have trusted Phrasee to help them boost conversions while keeping customers happy.


  • 11%

    average open rate uplift

  • $millions

    in incremental revenue

“Working with Phrasee leads to a lot more people flying with us.”

Charlotte Pink, Campaign Executive, Virgin Atlantic

Sell more seats and rooms

Create content that converts better than human-generated versions.

Feed the content machine

Let your team build the groundbreaking campaigns while we generate copy.

Stay consistent across channels

Your brand’s voice stays true, no matter where you’re communicating.

Virgin Atlantic Case Study

Virgin has a unique brand voice that helps them stand out from the competition. As they looked to create a consistent end-to-end customer experience that would resonate with new groups of travelers, the brought in Phrasee to help. See how Virgin Atlantic was able to delight their customers while booking more seats.

See it in action

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