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AI-powered copywriting for Facebook has arrived

AI-powered copywriting for Facebook has arrived

Phrasee has launched the first product of its kind for Facebook & Instagram campaigns. Early pilots have delivered an average reduction in cost per lead of 31% compared to the human written copy.


AI martech revolution accelerates expansion plans

Sudipto Ghosh for Martech Series reports on Phrasee latest announcement including US Plans, recruitment drive, and new management team to strengthen global management team. Phrasee is a dominant force in the AI email marketing scene.


AI martech revolution accelerates expansion plans

Phrasee announces US plans, recruitment drive, and new management team to keep pace with customer wins and market opportunity. Expansion plans include the creation of 50 new jobs, and three new senior hires to strengthen its management team.

The Times_Phrasee

The Times signs up to Phrasee’s Artificial Intelligence

The Times and The Sunday Times, pioneers in the world of publishing, are embracing AI to power subscription revenue. The brands have signed with Phrasee for optimised email subject line generation for email marketing campaigns.


Phrasee is now on the Salesforce AppExchange

Phrasee’s customers can now benefit from ease of access to the full breadth of the Phrasee platform within Salesforce, enabling significant performance uplift with minimal operational effort. Phrasee has launched Phrasee on the Salesforce AppExchange.


AI and the rise of employment opportunities

Writer Bernadette Fallon takes a hard look at AI and the rise of employment opportunities in an interview with Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, including comment on the story by Professor Nader Tavassoli of the London Business School.


9 things everyone should know about AI

Three Phrasee experts give us their insights, revealing nine key things about AI. Writer Bernadette Fallon interviews Neil Yager, PhD, Phrasee Chief Scientist, Victoria Peppiatt, Phrasee COO, and Stefan Britton, Phrasee CCO.

Parry Malm, Phrasee CEO

Making it pay: Funding Phrasee for a cool £1m

Writer Bernadette Fallon interviews Parry Malm, Phrasee CEO, on funding a successful scale-up that works. Gain insight on what it takes to make that first million, why being cash-strapped helps, and funding the future of Phrasee: the figures look bright.

Phrasee boosts Gumtree Customer Engagement

Phrasee boosts Gumtree Customer Engagement

Gumtree partnered with AI innovator Phrasee as part of a wider expansion to its customer relationship engagement programme, steered by Gumtree Head of CRM Matt Button. Results boast a 35%-50% increase in email open rates.

Virgin Holidays team

AI tech delivers millions in revenue for Virgin Holidays

Virgin Holidays is profiting from early adoption of AI marketing language technology, releasing the result of AI marketing efforts as a significant uplift in open rates and results equating to several million pounds in revenue for the holiday giant.

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