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London Tech Week

These are the 6 most interesting events at London Technology Week

Every June, all the technophiles in London get together for hundreds of events. And we mean hundreds. There’s loads of them, too many to go through.

It’s London Technology Week time!

The problem is, there’s loads of events to choose from… and unless you have a teleporter, it’s impossible to get to them all.

We’ve gone through the whole list, and have curated the ones that are the most innovative, the most unique, and the most interesting. Oh, and they’re all free to attend – nice, right?

Here at Phrasee we’re all about innovation. Whether it’s email subject line innovation, or anything else – if something is new, innovative and interesting, we love it.

Check out the list below and see if you can still get tickets to the various events…

What is the digital world doing to our minds & bodies?

When: 15 June @ 9:30am

Where: Old Street Roundabout

What: These days, we check our phones constantly. We form human connections on the internet. We’re always on. What are the implications on brands and society?

Why: Most conferences focus on the “right now” – but this one is different. It looks at the over-arching effect our “always on” lives have on society. It’s bound to be interesting, and maybe even a little bit scary.

Click here for more info

Imaging Mind: Hack The Visual

When: 16 June @ 7:00pm

Where: Central Working Whitechapel

What: Visual content online is growing exponentially, and new innovations are constantly launching. You’ll hear a few innovative startups who are trying to stake a claim to the industry.

Why: Phrasee’s CTO Neil did his PhD in image pattern recognition, so we’re particularly interested in this area. Plus you’ll get to try out some cool new tech.

Click here for more info

Women in Tech: The Past. The Present. The Future.

When: 16 June @ 5:00pm

Where: 20 Cavendish Square

What: Networking event for women involved in the tech industry.

Why: Look at the board of most tech firms and they tend to be very homogeneous. Phrasee believes in gender balance – our COO Victoria will attest to this fact – so if you’re a woman in tech, get to know others in the industry at this event.

Click here for more info


When: 16 June @ 6:00pm

Where: Google Campus London

What: 5 minute pitches from winners of a hacking competition… and then a cocktail competition where you can showcase your own cocktail recipes

Why: Um, cocktails. ‘nuff said.

Click here for more info

Tom Fox Scrap Instruments Showcase

When: 16 June @ 6:00pm

Where: Machines Room

What: Tom Fox, who makes electric upcycled instruments, will be jamming with the audience.

Why: It’s like a high-tech, interactive Blue Man Group. This is one to check out if you’re interested in post-hipster music.

Click here for more info

Food of Genius

When: 19 June @ 6:30pm

Where: Secret location (ooooh, how intriguing…)

What: 3 Food Tech startups present to an audience in a Dragons Den-style format.

Why: Because food is good, and helps us live. And innovative food is interesting. And also, it’ll be a break from the generic food trends that have ruined the eating scene in Shoreditch.

Click here for more info

Three cheers for the London technology industry!

If you’re not in London, then no problem – you can keep up to date on London Technology Week by following the event on Twitter @LDNTechWeek, or the hashtag #LDNTechWeek.

Phrasee will be at all of the events above, and a few others – if you want to meet up then drop us a line and let’s get it in the diary.

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