Q: What happens when you put 300 email marketers in a room at #TEDC15 London?

A: A whole lot of tweets.

Earlier this week, team Phrasee was at Litmus’ revered #TEDC15 London. We laughed, we cried, it became a part of us.

For those of you who were trying to follow the proceedings on Twitter – well that wasn’t easy, was it? There were so many tweets the hashtag was trending #1 in London.

And from the school of unintended consequences, supporters of Ted Cruz as a presidential candidate learned a heck of a lot about email marketing.

Our CEO Parry was invited to close down the conference with his presentation entitled, “Does your subject line suck? Here’s how you can tell with actual statistics.” But before that, there were about a dozen other great speakers, not to mention a flurry of tweets.

We’ve gone through ALL the tweets – and we mean all of them – and have picked out our 38 favourite ones. Here you go!

The 38 awesomest tweets from #TEDC15 London are:

And big thanks to those that made #TEDC15 happen!

Thanks to the good people at Litmus for inviting us to join up! We had a great time, although the morning after wasn’t easy (no thanks to the great guys over at Action Rocket for sponsoring the post-conference drinks!)

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  • EmailChicGeek

    Thanks for this. A nice roundup of some of the highlights!