How telecom, media & tech brands can keep customers logged in

Drive long-term customer relationships with Phrasee

How Brand Language Optimization can help build brand loyalty

Telecom, media, & tech brands are the most important brands in the world right now. As lockdowns drag on, these brands are the link between home and the outside world. But the number of choices in these sectors is growing. And without a daily commute or water cooler chats, consumers have more time to research their options. Does this mean trouble for brand loyalty?

Not if these brands play their cards right. Now’s the time to build a better relationship with these customers by keeping them engaged. AI can help with that.

What is Phrasee?

Phrasee is an AI-powered tool for generating content at scale that improves customer engagement. More opens, more clicks, more relationship-building with your brand. Now you don’t have to second-guess which content will make them love you more – Phrasee can answer the question for you.


  • 21%

    average open rate uplift for a well-known telecoms brand

  • 21%

    average click rate uplift for
    a well-known telecoms brand

“Phrasee has always made me look smarter than what I really am.”

Saul Lopes, Head of CRM, Dixons Carphone

Produce content at scale

Consistent content across channels. Always in your brand’s voice.

Build better relationships

Go beyond short-term sales tactics to build customer loyalty.

Boost your revenue

Keep your customers regularly opening, clicking, engaging – and converting.

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