Meet Phrasee: artificial intelligence that writes better subject lines than humans.

Your subject line is the crux of your email campaign. No matter how good your content, if your subject line sucks, so will your response rates. But don’t worry – Phrasee to the rescue!

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Why should I use Phrasee to supercharge my subject lines?

Your brand’s voice.

Your brand isn’t generic. So your subject lines shouldn’t be either. Phrasee’s computational linguists write language algorithms tailored to your brand, and no one else’s.

Human sounding.

There’s nothing worse than a subject line that doesn’t make sense. With Phrasee’s advanced natural language generation technology, your subject lines sound human. Because it’s actual AI.

Awesome optimisation.

Phrasee uses advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly learn what works for your brand and your audience. The more you use it, the better your results.

ESP agnostic.

Phrasee is cloud-based SaaS, and works with any ESP on the planet. Whether you’re on SFMC, Oracle, Mailchimp or anyone else – Phrasee works alongside it. No problem!

The numbers don’t lie


Revenue increase on a single campaign for a ticketing website.


ROI and £2.4m incremental revenue for a holiday company.


Incremental opens on a single campaign for an ecommerce site.

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