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AI: The biggest opportunity for retail marketers in 2021

Retail marketers have the tough job of putting the right products in front of each customer segment while still communicating in a cohesive brand voice. How do you make sure every customer gets exactly what they want? How can you speak to so many different segments at scale?

As the Global CMO of FARFETCH tells us, “We can’t pretend to predict the behaviors of millions of users based on human instinct alone.” That’s why smart marketers at some of the world’s biggest brands are investing in AI to speak to their customers. In fact, 77% of retail marketers are planning on investing in AI over the next 18 months.

How can Phrasee help?

Phrasee is an AI-powered tool for generating content at scale that’s consistent and always in your brand voice. Whether it’s email subject lines, push notifications about a big sale, or Instagram posts, Phrasee can generate content that’s in your brand’s voice while also driving more purchases. By allowing AI to handle these small bits of language, your team can breathe easier while shopping carts fill up.


  • 21%

    uplift in conversion rate

  • 26%

    average click rate uplift

"Phrasee makes you money so you’re more likely to get your bonus.”

Gareth Jones, Former CMO, eBay UK

Boost your revenue

AI can create content that converts better than content created by humans. More opens, more clicks, more ROI.

Utilize your team better

Don’t make them sweat the small stuff. Hand it off to a virtual assistant so they can focus on the bigger picture.

Don’t get canceled

AI-created content means never having to say you’re sorry for delivering the wrong message.

eBay Case Study

This global ecommerce giant speaks to millions of customers each day across different channels and languages. But keeping up with the huge content demand was holding them back. See how they used AI to say the right thing at scale while generating extra revenue.

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