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Gumtree is utilising AI to drive customer engagement

Billy Wood reports on Gumtree's use of AI-powered linguistic algorithms for Business Daily. Read on to learn about the huge successes Matt Button, Gumtree's Head of CRM, has found using Phrasee to optimise their email campaigns.


A day in the life of… a data scientist in an AI company

Ben Davis at Econsultancy speaks to Neil Yager, Chief Scientist at Phrasee, for an insight into his busy day. From the skills needed to excel to his science background and what he loves most about Phrasee - read on to discover!


Shift 100: Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm

Laura Edwards features Parry Malm as a marketing and technology entrepreneur who is reinventing the digital world right now. Phrasee is at the forefront of a changing industry utalising AI software for email campaigns.


10 examples of AI-powered marketing software

Artificial intelligence has many uses in marketing. Ben Davis for Econsultancy features Phrasee on his list as one of the top pieces of software in the industry changing the way brands develop their email marketing strategies.


Coquitlam kid making a splash in London tech scene

Sarah Payne for Tri-City News features Phrasee's CEO, Parry Malm, who was honoured with the Best New Business award. He founded Phrasee whose artificial intelligence has revolutionised the email marketing industry.


SFU alumnus wins Tech Entrepreneur of the year UK

Parry Malm, Phrasee CEO wins the award for best new business. Simon Fraser University featured the tech entrepreneur whose company was judged on customer insight, credibility and innovation to take the title.


Entrepreneurship Week: Phrasee celebrates big wins

Artificial intelligence-based MarTech firm Phrasee was judged as the ‘Best New Business’ and CEO Parry Malm as ‘Tech Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the inaugural UK Business Awards, held in London on November 11th.


The AI that writes better than you – watch your back!

Parry Malm explains to IT Pro Portal how "the artificial intelligence that writes better than you" works. From developing the algorithm, revolutionising the marketing industry and changing the future of the workplace.


The top 14 UK marketing and advertising tech startups

Scott Carey from Tech World has featured Phrasee as one of their top 12 MarTech start ups in the UK. The list comprises the exciting new platforms that aid marketeers with productivity and campaign reach. From handy platforms to useful tools.

Discover how applying actual AI to language can deliver big results!