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Email marketing statistics: what you need to know

With statistics available for every element of email marketing Emil Kristensen breaks down the key areas of measurement for Sleeknote. These range from automation, timing, engagement and subject line optimisation.


Emojis in email subject lines: smiley face, or smiley poop?

Emoji or eNOji asks Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm. Econsultancy presents his experiment findings covering language amplifiers, subject line context and intelligent customers who are open to fundamental changes in how we communicate.


Using AI to improve your email performance

Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, chatted to Sam Lawson of Clickz to discuss the latest trends in email marketing. Catch up with all the industry news from subject line optimisation to artificial intelligence technology.


Changing Media Summit 2017 programme

Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, spoke at The Guardian changing Media Summit 2017. Among other experts Parry discussed AI and the creative mind and shared his thoughts on whether on the rise of machine learning in the industry was a threat or opportunity.


Who’s afraid of artificial intelligence?

Shellie Karabell for Forbes commented on the growing rise of AI being used across varying sectors and industries. Job displacement, digital transformation, and how the future will unfold propelled by new technologies and AI.


Optimising email marketing techniques by Phrasee CEO

Parry Malm shares with Martech Advisor's Ginger Conlon his thoughts on email optimisation. The Phrasee CEO analyses how artificial intelligence can aid brand's marketing campaign through personalisation and effective metrics.


AI myths, Spotify’s ad platform & Vimeo live streaming

Amy Gesenhues from Marketing Land rounds up the daily news from the industry. Phrasee's AI features as the answer to the need for an email marketing revolution with high levels of optimisation and brand unique language.


Marketers can rest easy, AI won’t make them redundant

Nikki Gilliland gets behind the artificial intelligence myths for Econsultancy. Disputing the trough of disillusionment and discussing the rate of change, benefits, personality and the human/machine relationship.


Email case: A.I. in email with Phrasee

The DDMA Data Driven Marketing have featured Phrasee in an email case study. Parry Malm explores why Artificial Intelligence is necessary in the market of today and how optimised subject lines can revolutionise email marketing campaigns.

Discover how applying actual AI to language can deliver big results!