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Women in business: lessons from leaders

Phrasee founder and COO, Victoria Peppiatt, shares her secrets of success to Jenny White at Natwest. Five female bosses offer their advice for flourishing in the industry including making tough decisions and excelling at execution.


Why starting small has paid big for Virgin Holidays

CMO Australia's Nadia Cameron discovered how Virgin Holidays innovated their email marketing from small, quick wins to an entire communications overhaul. Saul Lopes explains how utilising Phrasee delivered £millions in revenue.


5 AI products to improve your online store’s sales

Influencive rounds up the best AI products available right now. Nathan Resnick offers his tips on how to use Phrasee to increase click through rates alongside improving traffic, offer impeccable customer service and aid navigation.


Seven email trends to watch in 2018

Marketing Land's Kyle Henderick complies his top email trends to watch. He highlights the headache of GDPR, the development of cross-channel personalisation and the vital need for AI technologies that make emails more human.


Ask the experts: Email marketing optimisation

Ben Davis grills the top experts in the email marketing industry today. Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, offers his knowledge to Econsultancy covering subject lines, maximising metrics, effective optimisation and the future of artificial intelligence.


Virgin Holidays turns to AI for email marketing

Artificial Intelligence has boosted Virgin Holidays incremental revenue by several million pounds. Jean Elyan, for Lemonde Informatique, explores Phrasee's machine learning technology that optimises subject lines to increase open rates.


Big brand turns over email subject line copywriting to AI

AI is a hot buzzword for 2018 - nonetheless, would you leave all your subject line copy to an AI? Helen Leggatt for BizReport features Virgin Holidays whose digital transformation generated millions of pounds in revenue when they did just that.


Virgin Holidays made millions using AI for email marketing

The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute features a case study on Virgin Holidays. Mike Kaput illustrates how the travel brand increased email open rates by 2%, in turn making £millions. Phrasee optimised hundreds of brand-compliant subject lines.


Virgin Holidays turns to AI for email marketing subject lines

Virgin Holidays embraced a digital revolution in the form of artificial intelligence and Phrasee. Tech Central spoke to Saul Lopes who was looking for a quick win to supercharge their email marketing using deep learning to huge success!


Virgin Holidays hails AI email strategy as revenues soar

Phrasee's Natural Language Generation is the reason behind Virgin Holidays significant uplift in open rates, reports Decision Marketing. Being an early adopter of AI technology has given the travel company multi-million pounds in revenue.

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