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How to launch an email campaign successfully

Our inboxes are over loaded, Business Matters looks at how companies can launch their campaigns and get noticed. Strong subject lines are the key to getting emails opened and Phrasee's AI learns what your customers respond to.


How to increase clicks for your email marketing

New Business explains the best ways to maximise your email marketing campaigns including calls to action, offers that grab attention, developing gamification and the all important subject line that gets your email read.


Kiss your A/B-testing goodbye… sort of

Marketing Prof's agree that A/B Testing is the final word in email marketing success. David Schroeder delves into the world of email campaign optimisation to see how split tests have evolved and what the future holds.


How to use email marketing effectively

Email campaigns have remained integral to brands marketing strategies despite the wide range of channels available. Tina Desai at Marketing Week rounds up the current best practice for effective, successful e-marketing.


Virgin Holidays goes all in on digital transformation

Ginger Conlon reports on Virgin Holidays digital transformation for MKTGinsight. Discussing the specific language Phrasee created for Virgin Holidays, Saul Lopes embraced personalisation and changed the customer journey.

Phrasee boosts Gumtree Customer Engagement

Phrasee boosts Gumtree Customer Engagement

Gumtree partnered with AI innovator Phrasee as part of a wider expansion to its customer relationship engagement programme, steered by Gumtree Head of CRM Matt Button. Results boast a 35%-50% increase in email open rates.


Gumtree and Phrasee partner for increased engagement

Jess Nelson details for MediaPost Gumtree's partnership with Phrasee. Read on to see how by using artificial intelligence Gumtree fixed their decaying email open rates and revitalise their email marketing strategy.


AI boosts Gumtree customer engagement by a third

Phrasee's AI has rejuvenated Gumtree's customer communications. Finanznachrichten summarises Gumtree's machine learning adoption and follows their journey to a stronger CRM strategy and increased email open rates.


Can AI write better email subject lines than humans?

Paul Roetzer considers whether AI is an over-hyped set of technologies, or the key to marketing success. Hubspot analyses the current market and asks how AI can possibly be better at creative writing than humans!


Putting faith in AI to help with marketing campaigns

Saul Lopes, Virgin Holidays customer lifecycle lead, spoke to TNooz about using Phrasee to improve email marketing campaigns. Read how AI was able to create human sounding, witty subject lines that were brand compliant and personality focused.

Discover how applying actual AI to language can deliver big results!