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Parry Malm, Phrasee CEO

Making it pay: Funding Phrasee for a cool £1m

Writer Bernadette Fallon interviews Parry Malm, Phrasee CEO, on funding a successful scale-up that works. Gain insight on what it takes to make that first million, why being cash-strapped helps, and funding the future of Phrasee: the figures look bright.


How email marketing is using AI

Information Age delves behind the hot buzzword for 2018 - Artificial Intelligence. Read how Phrasee, the market leader in machine learning, can be used to aid marketing teams and generate human sounding, optimised subject lines.


AI is helping brands improve customer experience

Saul Lopes from Virgin Holidays spoke to Marketing Week to prove the value of overhauling its email marketing using Phrasee's AI and how they transformed their communication with consumers and ultimately saw an increase in revenue.


Marketing: The future of email marketing

Talk Business rounds up what the future holds for email marketing. Among a reduction in spam, cyber hacking protection and mobile optimisation, it is Artificial Intelligence that is leading the way in email innovation, with Phrasee as the forefront.


AI in the UK: Ready, willing and… stale?

Parry Malm discusses the UK's role in propelling Artificial Intelligence in a blog for IT ProPortal. As well as covering topics such as diversity and innovation, he states the importance of economically encouraging companies to start and grow in the UK.


How to make your email marketing ready for GDPR

With the GDPR countdown clock running down. New EU regulations coming into force may potentially have a dramatic effect on email marketing campaigns. Phrasee and EU Business are here to help. Explore ways to get your business ready.


6 ways AI is making email marketing smarter

Martech Advisor have highlighted 6 ways AI is changing the email marketing industry. Intelligent segmentation and smarter personalisation sit alongside one of the core elements of Phrasee's machine learning technology.


AI startup changing the way top brands talk to customers

Matt Ray interviews Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, to get a first-hand account on AI from the market leaders. Parry covers getting a start up off the ground, dealing with the data crunch of GDPR and why AI will beat humans hands down every time.

Discover how applying actual AI to language can deliver big results!