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Get personal: Marketing with Emojis

Lulu Blog highlights the success of using emojis in marketing campaigns. Alongside triple figure statistics and top tips for personalisation and segmentation, the report points to Phrasee's controlled study and what was discovered.


How prepared is the marketing industry for Brexit?

Econsultancy explores how Brexit will affect the marketing industry. Rebecca Sentance covers the issue of preparing dedicated strategies and responding to the political environment alongside top tips for execution.


Retailers must prepare for ‘post-channel era’

Peter Walker for Retail Systems comments on the future of omnichannel strategies and how the consumer mindset will shift towards a Millennial focus. At eTail 2018, Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, discusses this and how to resolve it.


Marketing and machine learning

Nikki Gilliland for Econsultancy comments on the shift of thinking from the overhype of artificial intelligence and towards the scale of potential. Covering topics such as data analysis, programmatic advertising and writing creative content at scale.


The Times signs up for optimised email subject lines

Marketing Communication News reports on The Times and The Sunday Times signing with Phrasee. By utilising Phrasee in email marketing campaigns the highly respected publishers have seen positive uplifts for open rates, clicks, and conversions.


The Times signs up to AI to drive subscriptions

Publishing pioneers, The Times and The Sunday Times, have signed with Phrasee. Paul Skeldon, for Telemedia Online, notes how the AI technology has driven an uplift in email open rates through optimised subject line generation.

The Times_Phrasee

The Times signs up to Phrasee’s Artificial Intelligence

The Times and The Sunday Times, pioneers in the world of publishing, are embracing AI to power subscription revenue. The brands have signed with Phrasee for optimised email subject line generation for email marketing campaigns.


Phrasee released on the Salesforce AppExchange

Sales Tech Star reports on Phrasee’s integration with the Salesforce AppExchange. Customers can now benefit from the full breadth of the Phrasee platform within Salesforce, enabling significant campaign performance uplift with minimal operational effort.


Phrasee is now on the Salesforce AppExchange

Phrasee’s customers can now benefit from ease of access to the full breadth of the Phrasee platform within Salesforce, enabling significant performance uplift with minimal operational effort. Phrasee has launched Phrasee on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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