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AI-powered copywriting for Facebook has arrived

AI-powered copywriting for Facebook has arrived

Phrasee has launched the first product of its kind for Facebook & Instagram campaigns. Early pilots have delivered an average reduction in cost per lead of 31% compared to the human written copy.


Q&A with Phrasee CEO Parry Malm: $4m funding

Kimberly Collins interviews Parry Malm for Click Z following the news of a $4 million funding round. The Q&A covers topics from how the start-up began, Phrasee's growth strategy for the US, AI Ethics and the skills and traits a CEO needs!


Phrasee lands $4m Series A funding

Albion Capital backs AI marketing tech leader in latest funding round.  The investment will fuel Phrasee’s international growth plans, including scaling up its new US operation in San Francisco and the recently announced expansion of its UK team.

Robot copywriters set to shake up ad industry

Robot copywriters set to shake up ad industry

The Telegraph's Hasan Chowdhury reports on the funding news from the martech scale-up, Phrasee. The funding round was led by Albion Capital and the investment will be used to take AI-powered copywriting to the US market.


Phrasee lands $4 million series A funding

Albion Capital backs AI marketing tech leader, Phrasee, in latest funding round, reports Martech Series. The London based company will use the $4 million to scale international growth plans, such as new US operations in San Francisco.


10 unmissable speakers at the Festival of Marketing 2018

Ben Davis rounds up his top ten speakers at this year's Festival of Marketing for Econsultancy. Amongst hard-hitting journalists like Louis Theroux and industry titans such as Sir John Hegarty features Phrasee's own, Parry Malm. Day 2 at 10:15. Don't miss it!


Are children really at risk of robot influence?

Phrasee CEO Parry Malm enters the debate of whether children are at risk of robot influence as scientists suggest, raising the question of ethics, moral compasses and safeguarding the future in a recent conversation with City AM.


Here’s how AI is set to transform digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of the moment, highlights Jonathan Brown for Click Z. This article looks at how the technology is more frequently than ever a part of the digital marketing landscape and how AI allows for efficiency and personalisation.

Global NLG market 2018 analysis

Global NLG market 2018 analysis

PR Sync and IT Intelligence Markets' latest report systematically analyses emerging trends, competition status, growth factors and region and presents an extensive synopsis of the market. Also included is a critical assessment of key players in the market.


How AI can help content marketing drive outcomes

Martech Advisor's Chitra Lyer discusses the blurred lines between B2B and B2C content with Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm. They cover issues such as a driving quality traffic, the lack of useful and engaging content and the costs of a good copywriter.

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