“Today, I realised that the word ‘bed’ actually looks like a bed. Mind blown.”


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Welcome to Phrasee Pheelings™ Lite

Welcome to Phrasee Pheelings™ Lite

Phrasee Pheelings™ is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence technology that predicts your audience’s emotional response to your marketing language. And now a Lite version of the tech is available to you – for ‘phree’!


How Phrasee calculates your email split test sample size

Split testing is the best strategy to optimise your email results. But: if your sample size is calculated incorrectly, you aren’t going to learn anything. Phrasee automatically calculates sample sizes to ensure maximum statistical significance.


The final word on email subject line length

Email subject line length doesn’t affect open rates – but most people who say it use bad statistics. Here at Phrasee we love proving or disproving hypotheses using statistics. It’s fun. In a very nerdy sort of way.


Email subject lines that sell

We believe there is a science to email subject lines that sell. In this analysis, you'll learn what some of that science is. Based upon millions of emails and billions of simulations using advanced machine learning techniques.

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