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How email marketers split test their campaigns

<4-8% of email marketers are split testing superheroes (Survey results)

This just in: split testing is how you increase response to your emails.

And yet, the majority of email marketers don’t split test on a frequent basis.

How do we know?

We conducted a survey of 304 email marketers around the world about their split testing practices. And guess what? The results tell a story.

Spoiler alert:

  1. Email marketers split test less than 50% of their campaigns.
  2. When they do splits, they mostly do A/B only, nothing more.
  3. After split testing, only 5% have statistical models to learn from the results.

What this means is people are split testing because they feel like they should, not because it’s an integral part of their optimisation strategy.

Want to see all the stats?

Easy. Stick in your name and email in the form and we’ll shoot you the full survey results and analysis for your bedtime reading pleasure.


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