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Welcome to Phrasee Pheelings™ Lite

Phrasee Pheelings™ is the world’s first artificial intelligence technology that quantifies the direct marketing sentiment in your email marketing language.

Pheelings is a sentiment analysis engine built by marketers for marketers. It’s incredibly powerful alone… and when combined with Phrasee’s other tech, the results are awesome.

To get an idea of what Pheelings can do, simply enter a subject line on the right. You’ll get sent an email linking to the results.

Become a subject line superhero with Phrasee Pheelings™, and because you’re awesome we’ll sign you up to receive other great content.

What is Phrasee Pheelings™ Lite?

Phrasee Pheelings is artificial intelligence that predicts how humans will interpret your language.

Phrasee Pheelings Lite is an open-access version of the technology. It’ll quantify the semantic components of your language. For Phree.

It was developed by Phrasee’s Chief Scientist, Dr Neil Yager, PhD Computer Science, and Dr Fjola Helgadottir, PhD Psychology.

Why do Pheelings matter?

When you write a subject line, or any other marketing language, you’re assuming your customers will interpret it how you intend..

But, this assumes that everyone on your list is like you… which they probably aren’t! That’s why Phrasee Pheelings is so powerful.

It uses advanced sentiment analysis technology to predict how your customers will interpret your message. You don’t have to trust someone’s gut feeling any longer – Phrasee Pheelings is unbiased.

How Phrasee uses Pheelings

Phrasee uses a number of artificial intelligence techniques to optimize your email marketing language. Pheelings is one of them.

Phrasee understands the semantic makeup of your language and uses machine learning to find relationships with your customers’ response rates. Then, Phrasee predicts what language will resonate with your audience. And you get better results. Win!

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