How Virgin Holidays uses Phrasee

To take their email marketing to new heights

There’s no question that Virgin Holidays puts its customers and the communities it works with at the heart of its commitment to do things differently. But something was missing in delivering that same magic to communities in its online space. With big plans to overhaul its online user-experience, and grow digital sales, the Virgin Holidays team immediately looked to industry experts, Phrasee, to help build and execute on a grand scale...

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Don’t just take our word for it…


Over the past 3 years Phrasee has increased Virgin Holidays email open rates by 2% points, and that 2% points of incremental open uplift has generated several million pounds in revenue from their email marketing channel. Dare we say it again? Several. Million. Pounds. Impressive, even if we do say so ourselves. Watch as Virgin Holiday’s Customer Lifecycle Lead, Saul Lopes, explains how using Phrasee’s AI was a no-brainer!

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    12% email open uplift

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    22% email click uplift

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    Several Million Pounds in ROI

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