How Gumtree uses Phrasee

To increase customer engagement

With inboxes getting more crowded by the day, even the UK’s #1 classified ads site needs to do more than keep a finger on the pulse of its CRM strategy. As the fight for the world’s digital attention span grows fiercer with each email campaign send, Gumtree were looking for a solution to solve their open rate decline...

Phrasee Infographic

Don’t just take our word for it…


As the team at Gumtree knows all too well, recycling and re-purposing something old can breathe new life into it. But sometimes, getting the job done right means looking for something new and Phrasee is ahead of the game in delivering a marketing solution that is cutting edge. Watch as Gumtree’s Head of CRM and Social, Matt Button, explains why they chose Phrasee’s AI for their email marketing campaigns.

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    35% email open uplift

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    44% email click uplift

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    More ROI from email marketing

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