Every time a split test is run, the result contains valuable information about the type of language that resonates with an audience. To the absolute horror of every self-respecting marketer on the planet, more often than not, this information is discarded, and the language for new campaigns is written from scratch and in isolation (GASP!).

Phrasee solves this problem. It uses the data from past email, Facebook and Push campaigns to build a behavioral model of audience engagement. This model is used to craft the language used in future campaigns, driving an increase in open and click rates. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Phrasee rebuilds its models when new data becomes available (i.e. after every campaign), so it is able to adapt to factors that change over time. *Cue applause: Hoorah! Bravo! Encore!

When you combine language with AI, you get Phrasee, and it’s awesome. Now go forth and make your marketing language for Facebook, email and push just as awesome!

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How does it work?

Our computational linguists develop a language generation algorithm that's specific to your brand, and no one else's. Then, you log into Phrasee and generate unique, brand-compliant language on-the-fly. Test these out in your ESP, and upload the results back into Phrasee. This trains our Deep Learning engine - and when you generate next time, your results get better... and better... and better...

Will the subject lines generated be generic?

Generic? Nope. Awesome? Yup. We don't have a generic database of words and phrases. That ain't our jam. We develop you tailored language generation algorithms. Your brand isn't generic - so why would you want generic subject lines?

Does Phrasee hold customer data?

No... no... NO! We will never hold any of your customer data. Our algorithms are trained upon aggregated audience results, not individual responses.

Does Phrasee do trials?

We all love free things, but unfortunately, we don't offer free trials. Everything that we do is 100% customised to your brand, meaning language unique to you. We're so confident that we'll revolutionise your marketing strategy, that we'll happily discuss a proof of concept period.

How long does it take to get started?

Phrasee isn't a plug-and-play tool that's the same for everyone, so it takes a short while to set things up for you. Once you send us the data we require, in about 3 weeks you'll be up and awesome-ing.

Which ESP does Phrasee for Email work with?

All of them! If you can split test, then you can use Phrasee. Phrasee has integrations with a number of ESPs, including Salesforce, IBM Watson, Emarsys and many more.