The Phrasee® Phormula

Imagine a laboratory – scientists in white lab coats experimenting with different elements to discover something powerful. Once confident in their discovery, they take their findings and apply them to the world at large.

Phrasee is that laboratory – for the language you use in your marketing campaigns.

No more guessing about what works. No more arguments about who’s right. No more opens, clicks, and conversions lost to bad language.

You get copy that works… when you need it… at the click of a single button.

The world’s biggest brands are sharing how they’ve pivoted during COVID-19

Say hello to AI copywriting

Phrasee is AI technology that uses your email subject lines as a language laboratory. Linguistic elements combine to discover a language model that’s tailored to your brand.

Then, the AI applies your unique language model across all your marketing campaigns – from email to push, social to display, paid search to web.

Before Phrasee, you had to rely on human instinct. And maybe that worked in the 90s. But praying your gut got it right just doesn’t cut it anymore.

There is a better way – and that way is Phrasee – AI-Powered Copywriting for marketers of the future.

Phrasee Email

Empower your email marketing with AI-Powered Copywriting

The power of email is clear – it’s not dead, it never was, and it won’t be anytime soon.

The extensive use of email during the COVID-19 crisis shows its importance as the communications channel of choice for global brands. Campaigns are deployed quickly and in a highly targeted and measurable way.

Your team spends hours upon hours on every detail of the segmentation, personalization, and design of your campaigns. But the copy is left to the last minute… and it’s picked on gut feeling.

There’s a better way – and that way is Phrasee Email. Phrasee Email is AI-powered copy optimization that gets you more opens, clicks, and conversions.

Use Phrasee Email for…

  • Subject lines
  • Preheaders
  • Headlines
  • Subhead copy
  • Calls to action

Use Phrasee Email with...

“What’s the point in sending an email if no one is going to open it? Since working with Phrasee, we’ve seen significant uplifts in email open rates (12%) and click-through rates”


Jenny Morris, Head of Marketing (Customer & Trading), N Brown Group