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Deliver a more personal and responsive customer experience while increasing incremental revenue.

What does Phrasee React do?

Motivate and reactivate new and existing customers with the right message at just the right moment. React, powered by Phrasee X, is currently integrated with Salesforce and Adobe and brings a whole new meaning to “trigger happy”. React helps marketers get more value from their trigger campaigns like abandoned carts, special events (like birthday and customer anniversaries), and program milestones (like new members, or a rewards status). Once your campaign is live, React will be constantly optimizing in the background, always searching for more ROI.


Benefits of using React

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  • Set up automated lifecycle

    Communications for rewards, loyalty programs, and customer milestones.

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  • Set it and forget it (without actually forgetting)

    React optimizes the hard work that goes into your workflows with continual automated improvements to brand language at every touchpoint.

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  • Respond to customer actions to encourage conversion

    Use triggered communications to drive action when customers abandon a shopping cart, make a new purchase, and more.

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  • Learn more from customer activity

    React gets smarter with each send as it learns from customer responses to content in email, mobile, and SMS.

Turn clicks into loyal customers