Get the click, get the sale.

Give customers the nudge they need to take action with brand language that’s tailored to their individual journeys.

What does Phrasee Convert do?

Congrats! Your customer has finally landed on your site or in your app. Now what? Phrasee maneuvers this critical crossroads with brand language that’s proven to secure a desired customer behaviour, like a new sale. (Cha-ching!)


Benefits of using Convert

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  • Increase customer lifetime value.

    Extend an ever-present warm hand to your customers, whether they’re on the verge of clicking ‘Buy’ or need a little motivation to revisit your awesome offerings.

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  • Reduce bounce rates and site friction.

    Guide each customer to conversion with optimized brand language that’s most likely to land the sale and deepen the relationship with your brand.

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  • Drive upsell, cross-sell, and customer acquisition.

    Drop a well-timed message about added features, related products, and special deals using optimized language that motivates your customers.

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  • Create experiences that feel more personal, fluid, and connected.

    Give customers the motivation they need at each step of their journey using optimized brand language with a personal touch.

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