Become a
new-customer magnet.

Create brand language that attracts attention (the good kind!) and leads customers down the marketing funnel.

What does Phrasee Attract do?

Let Brand Language Optimization do the heavy lifting in the cluttered social media environment. Attract tailors high-performing copy to your brand and audience in social ads, so you can spend less and acquire more customers. Looks like opposites really do attract.


Benefits of using Attract

  • Stand out in the social media jungle

    Attract a new audience to your brand. Fill the top of your funnel with your future amazing customers.

  • money
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs

    Understand how different segments respond to different brand language and let Phrasee X continue to improve on the results.

  • stars
  • Boost social following

    Make customer acquisition easier and more economical, deploying optimized brand language across social, paid search, and display ads.

  • smile
  • Increase brand awareness

    Fill the marketing funnel with captive potential customers by being everywhere they are.

Turn clicks into loyal customers