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Phrasee’s phavorite marketing tweets of the year: 2018

What a year 2018 has been!


From the successful rescue of a Thai soccer team from a flooded cave to the death of net neutrality, and from Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle to the collapse of the once mighty cryptocurrency market, 2018 has seen no shortage of ups and downs.

Here at Phrasee, we’ve had a pretty wild year ourselves. Our phabulous  Phrasee US office opened its doors in scenic San Francisco, we launched 2 awesome new products: Phrasee For Facebook and Instagram, and Phrasee for push notifications, two of our Phounders turned 40, and the other one got married!

Yes, it’s been quite a year.

As expected, the marketing world continued to wow us with its imagination, humor, and creativity in 2018, nowhere more so than on Twitter. We at Phrasee carried out our longstanding tradition of combing Twitter every month, searching out the marketing industry’s finest nuggets of Twitter gold and bringing them to our blog’s faithful readers each and every month.

This year, however, we decided it was time to start a new tradition, reviewing the year that was for Twitter’s marketing community in search of the best of the best and bestowing a new honor upon those who have informed and entertained us these past 12 months: the crown of “Tweets of the Year”!

Let’s see how you did in 2018…


Best field trip…

If your company didn’t take your team axe throwing in 2018, why do you still work there?


Best #emailgeeks fashion…


If you don’t think these shirts are awesome, we probably can’t be friends. 



Best use of code…


Has anyone ever invested their time in a more worthwhile endeavor?



Best sign of progress…


Women of email crushed it in 2018. 



Best use of Dodgeball gif…




Best use of offspring in a tweet…

We got scared just hearing about this dream. Emails in your bedroom? Terrifying.



Best Conan reference…

If this were a “best marketing tweets of all time” post, this tweet would still be in it.


Best PETA trolling…

Well played, Kristin, well played.


Best use of linguistic meme…



Best use of visual meme…

Now that’s what we call digital marketing.



Best use of Jules and Vincent…


That’s just good stuff.


So which tweet was 2018’s marketing tweet of the year? It’s tough to say and, in a way, all the tweets we’ve included are winners. 

But in another, more accurate way, Anne Tomlin is the winner. Her awesome Conan tweet edged out the others by a very narrow margin, and we’re glad it did. 

Congratulations, Anne! You’ve won a pizza luncheon for yourself and the whole Emails Y’all team!

So tweet on, marketing world. We’ll be watching as always, and we’ll see you all in 2019!

Happy New Year!

Phrasee's phavorite marketing tweets of the year: 2018

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