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Phrasee’s Big Birthday Bash: celebrating 5 awesome years in business

In case you hadn’t heard, the AI-Powered Copywriting revolution has just entered its sixth phabulous year! We here at Phrasee HQ knew we had to do something special to mark this momentous occasion, so we pulled out all the stops for Phrasee’s 5th birthday party last week.

Sure, we’ve thrown four Phrasee birthday bashes before, but this year’s event was indeed one for the ages. For those of you who braved both London’s inhospitable evening traffic and rainy afternoon, there was plenty on offer at the swanky Tropicana Beach Club where the event took place. For those who couldn’t make the journey, here’s what you missed, in all its truncated glory…

What we were celebrating

For a marketing tech scale-up that began its journey in London, reaching the five-year mark as a successful, high-growth business is no small feat. With a phantastic team, Phrasee has moved to the forefront of the AI-Powered Copywriting discussion across the globe. In fact, our CEO and co-founder, Parry Malm, invested his considerable talents into writing the definitive book on the subject this year. In short, it’s been an amazing five years for Phrasee, and our fifth year was the best one yet!

How it all went down

Phrasee’s three co-founders wanted to share some of the insights gained in our first five years with the phriends, partners, customers, prospects, and team members in attendance.

Phrasee COO Victoria Peppiatt kicked things off with an introduction to what we at Phrasee have been up to lately and what we had gathered to celebrate before stepping back to prepare for the awesome panel of industry leaders she would soon be moderating.

Next, the spotlight fell squarely upon Phrasee CEO Parry Malm. He talked about his book, The Language Effect, and what AI-Powered Copywriting represents for the modern marketing landscape. He laid out in simple terms what The Language Effect is, why higher quality copy is a brand’s new marketing superpower, and why the old ways of writing marketing copy have become outdated. He also spoke about how any brand can implement AI-Powered Copywriting with relative ease in 2020, and why it behooves the marketer of the future to adapt to this powerful new technology sooner, rather than later.

Then, it was time to get sciency, as Phrasee’s Chief Scientist Dr Neil Yager PhD took the stage to kick some AI knowledge for the crowd. Neil covered topics ranging from AI’s most enduring myths and how algorithms and machine learning drive Phrasee’s world-beating tech to the REAL risks of artificial intelligence. Neil Yager is a true expert in the artificial intelligence field and his talk certainly did not disappoint.

A panel to remember

Phrasee invited an awesome line-up of speakers from Dixon’s Carphone, Proximity, Groupon, and Hilton to take part in a panel discussion about how new technologies are directly impacting the marketing performance of each amazing brand.

“Creative tech will be the conductor of customer experience in the future”

Mike Dodds, Global CEO of Proximity Worldwide, discussed why teams shouldn’t become stressed about new technology changing or taking over jobs. New tech, on the other hand, can be liberating, delivering ideas in many more ways. He advised marketing decision makers to be curious and get involved with the technology their brands use to broadcast their marketing messages to the world. His position that, from a creative standpoint, “the next battleground for brands will be in the customer experience and brand experience space” is a sentiment echoed by all of us here at Phrasee. Creating hyperpersonalized experiences is the ambition of many brands. Mike believes that this can only be achieved through a marriage of content and technology.

“Believe the data”

Celebrating 100 years of hospitality, Hilton has an incredibly strong brand DNA and is no stranger to innovation. Gill Norgate, Senior Manager, Customer Engagement Insights at Hilton, discussed the mixed feedback the Hilton team encountered when it was first proposed to use AI-Powered Copywriting. She described adopting “believe the data” as a mantra within the Hilton team, and how positive performance results turned even the Hilton team’s most vocal skeptics into believing in the promise of Phrasee’s technology. Additionally, Gill praised Phrasee for giving Hilton’s marketing team “time to be more productive in other areas”.

An app-first company constantly moving forward

Amit Khandelwal, Director of Mobile and Direct Channel Marketing at Groupon, wowed the crowd by noting that Groupon sends over a billion emails in 8 different languages to 14 global markets. With scales like that, it was easy to understand why Phrasee’s technology was an ideal fit for Groupon. As a recent Phrasee customer, Amit recognized Groupon’s need to keep open rates and click-through rates growing, and the opportunity Phrasee’s technology offers to help Groupon achieve its marketing goals. In Amit’s words, “We’re thinking about our customer all the time. It’s about not only customer retention, but also customer engagement”. This customer-first, full-funnel marketing approach has become a common theme among global brands, as short-termism has yielded poor results across the marketing world.

“Phrasee always made me look smarter”

Saul Lopes, Head of CRM at Dixon’s Carphone, spoke about the company as a results-driven brand, but one that loves to innovative and move fast. As such, selling the Dixon’s Carphone team on experimenting with AI-Powered Copywriting was relatively easy. He repeated the words of one Dixon’s Carphone copywriter to whom he floated the idea of using AI to generate and test email subject lines: “I HATE writing email subject lines”. With a team happy to be relieved of the monotonous duty of writing subject lines, Phrasee and Dixon’s Carphone were a match made in heaven. As Saul put it, “We’re going to standardize. We’re going to use the technology so we can automate our processes. So we can be leaner, and we can focus on what really matters.”

Party time!

With all that awesomeness out of the way, it was time for all in attendance to kick up their heels and dance the night away in true Phrasee style. Miss AND Mr Balloniverse made an appearance at the party this year, and a great time was had by all. As for how things progressed once the music started, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…