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Phrasee pheatures: meet Stefan Britton

Profiles in awesomeness: Meet Phrasee CCO Stefan Britton

Phrasee is a special company.

Why? Some people might say it’s because of our industry-leading artificial intelligence marketing language generation and optimisation technology, or the ever-growing list of brands availing themselves of our services and singing our praises. However, those people would be wrong.

What really sets Phrasee apart are the amazing people that show up, day in and day out, to help us grow our brand, deliver amazing service to our customers, and make our cutting-edge AI tech work.

One of those amazing people is Stefan Britton.

Stefan Britton is Phrasee’s Chief Commercial Officer.

What does Phrasee’s Chief Commercial officer actually do? We’ll let Stefan explain:

“I head up all global commercial activity, so all sales and marketing activities across all territories.”

Sounds simple enough, right?  It isn’t. For a quickly expanding AI scale-up like Phrasee, “all global commercial activity” translates to a massive, complex brief that sees Stefan flying across the globe, presenting at conferences, networking like a madman, and meeting with Phrasee’s awesome partners on a daily basis, all while building and managing one of the best sales teams in the tech biz at the same time.

Luckily for us, Stefan is more than up to the task, and has been since day one.

But Stefan Britton is more than just the charming, personable, quick-witted Brightonian spreading the Phrasee message to the masses. He’s also a human being, dammit!

Let’s get to know him a little bit better…

Phrasee pheatures: Stefan Britton

Stefan Britton fact sheet:


Place of birth: Brighton, England


How long with Phrasee: 18 months


Pets: One cat and half a dog (it’s a long story). The dog loves a camera. The cat, not so much.


Phrasee pheatures: Stefan BrittonPhrasee pheatures: Stefan Britton


Favourite day off activity: I like to go on Southern Rail’s twitter feed and read all the angry comments from commuters while sat in the sun with a beer.


The best thing about working at Phrasee: The exciting buzz we get back from our customers – one of our key USPs is not only the product itself but also the service we offer along with it. Our customers really appreciate that. Also, the company culture is exciting and fast paced – you never know what to expect each day.


Favourite quote: “Maybe, just once, someone will call me ‘Sir’ without adding, ‘You’re making a scene’.” – Homer Simpson


Favourite food: Hmm, tough. I obviously love Sushi, Mexican and Turkish and a Sunday roast (who doesn’t?!) but my death row meal would have to be a Danzak with mushroom rice and all the trimmings.


Biggest pet peeve: Litter and all the people who leave it.


One interesting thing about you: I used to live next door to Paul McCartney and got in trouble for feeding his vegetarian dog meat sausages.


Describe yourself with a gif:

 An interview with Stefan Britton


How did you find your way onto the Phrasee team?
The old-fashioned way! – I was approached by a recruiter.


What has it been like joining a company like Phrasee?
Like jumping on to a fast-moving vehicle. The pace is still surprising.


What makes Phrasee special as a company?
I know its a cliche, but it really is the people. Every single person is excellent at their job and everyone genuinely cares about getting better.


Why should brands use Phrasee?
If you only get a few lines of copy to get someone to click on your ad or open your email, you had better make sure you get it right. We replace guesswork with real, unbiased, data so your copy gets you the results you need.


What makes Phrasee’s tech stand out from the competition?
There are a few companies that offer support with copywriting and all have their merits.  We are the only ones to write individual algorithms for each client that writes unique copy in the brand’s tone of voice.


Where is Phrasee headed in the years to come?
Language is at the core of what we do so we will no doubt be using our tech to help brands get better results in places that currently don’t exist.


What is your favourite thing about working at Phrasee?
The fact that no one has ever done what we are doing. There is no playbook, manual, or guide that tells us how to do this. Everything we do is being done for the first time and that’s both exciting and scary in equal measure.


What’s it like selling an AI platform?
Ha ha. Well, we don’t sell an AI platform. We sell the amazing results it gets our clients. We just happen to use AI to do it.


What does Phrasee’s AI do for brands?
It helps them make more money from social and email marketing by learning how their audience responds to language.
What’s the most exciting thing going on in your life today?
Interview with a fantastic manager in Seattle for our San Francisco office, followed by an end pilot meeting with one of the worlds leading technology companies. (Clue; if you don’t have an iPhone you probably have one of these!)

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