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Phrasee pheatures: meet Jasper Pye

Profiles in awesomeness: Meet Phrasee “Head of Product” Jasper Pye

Phrasee is a special company.

Why? Some people might say it’s because of our industry-leading artificial intelligence marketing language generation and optimisation technology, or the ever-growing list of brands availing themselves of our services and singing our praises. However, those people would be wrong.

What really sets Phrasee apart are the amazing people that show up, day in and day out, to help us grow our brand, deliver amazing service to our customers, and make our cutting-edge AI tech work.

One of those amazing people is Jasper Pye.

Jasper Pye is Phrasee’s recently anointed Head of Product.

What does Phrasee’s “Head of Product” actually do? We’ll let Jasper explain:
On paper: Overseeing and mapping out new products and improvements to our existing products
In reality, while the company scales: A mix of everything from product management, development cycle management, user experience planning, user interface design, customer reporting and customer support.”
If that sounds like a complex brief, that’s because it is. Jasper is known around the office as Phrasee’s official “Get it Done Guy”, and get it done is exactly what Jasper does. It’s all part and parcel of working in one of London’s hottest tech scale-ups.
Sure, Phrasee’s most indispensable Australian may be devilishly handsome, a snappy dresser, and a Simpsons GIF aficionado, but there’s much more to this digital dynamo than just a pretty face.
Let’s find out what’s going on behind that impeccable smile of his…

Phrasee pheatures: meet Jasper Pye

Jasper Pye fact sheet:

Place of birth: Adelaide, Australia
How long with Phrasee: Since day 1 – so just over 3 years
Favourite day off activity: Going to gigs
The best thing about working at Phrasee: The exciting buzz we get back from our customers – one of our key USPs is not only the product itself but also the service we offer along with it. Our customers really appreciate that. Also, the company culture is exciting and fast paced – you never know what to expect each day.
Favourite quote: “If life gives you lemons, say f**k the lemons and bail.”
Favourite food: Pizza
Biggest pet peeve: Not understanding the power of Google when it comes to problem-solving
An interesting thing about you: I was in a punk band in high school called Fat Camp (yet another Simpsons reference), we played twice in front of the whole school – we were not very good.
Describe yourself with a gif:

An interview with Jasper Pye


How did you find your way onto the Phrasee team?

I was a Senior Designer at Phrasee co-founder Victoria Peppiatt’s design and marketing agency. I’d worked for her for a number of years so when she said she was starting Phrasee she asked if I wanted to come over and work on the product side.

What has it been like watching Phrasee grow over its first 3 years?

It’s pretty incredible! Because our initial product offering was quite a niche thing, it’s exciting how we’ve managed to grow that product and get some pretty amazing clients using it in the process. Now it’s going to be even more interesting as we expand into new channels and apply Phrasee’s core tech there.

What makes Phrasee special as a company?

Having been here since day one, it’s really cool to see the various departments as they grow. We’re still of a size where you can know everyone and capture their individuality (I wanted to write “bonkersness”, but my dictionary is telling me that’s not a real word).

What makes Phrasee’s tech stand out from that of the competition?

On the tech side, one of our key USPs is that we really put a lot of effort up front into ensuring that the language Phrasee generates and optimises for our clients is engineered specifically around their brand voice. But, Phrasee as a company is not just about tech, it’s about humanising the technology. In addition, one of our big differentiators is that we really pride ourselves on providing second-to-none customer service. This is what customers really engage with beyond the straight performance numbers (which are pretty amazing as well, BTW!).

Where is Phrasee headed in the years to come?

In the words of Phrasee CEO Parry Malm: “We’re taking over the world, one subject line at a time”. Haha, but seriously I think the technology is expanding into new channels and the company will grow into new territories as we get the Phrasee name out there more and more.

What’s it like working with AI?

It’s not this big scary thing that the media makes out. Our core tech is both very cool and very smart, but what people often miss out on is that there are a bunch of awesome humans that help keep Phrasee’s tech on point.

What’s the most exciting thing going on in your life today?

I was recently promoted to Head of Product. Although not much has changed in my role so far (since we’re still in a growth phase), it’s going to be exciting to see how my role evolves. Also, I’m looking to buy my first apartment in London, which is both exciting and terrifying (and expensive).


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