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Phrasee: a trusted partner in the Walgreens COVID-19 vaccine rollout

We make AI that generates, analyzes, optimizes, and tests your marketing messages (and yes, it sounds like a human wrote it). Better yet, because it’s AI, it’s even easier to generate industry-compliant language – just set your parameters, and off you go! You’d be amazed at how much more ROI you can expect just by tweaking your messaging in an email subject line, SMS, or social media ad. And if you do it across your entire customer journey? Why, you’ll be absolutely flabbergasted.

"Our initial pilot went well - both in terms of set up and execution, as well as seeing results that aligned with our objectives. The team is always responsive and is willing to work with us to determine the best path forward."

Kayla Collins, Manager, Campaign Execution, Novo Nordisk

We work with pharmaceutical brands to drive real results for their marketing campaigns. Whether that’s getting more vaccines in arms, raising brand awareness among healthcare providers, or helping customers learn more about your product offering, we love getting results for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

  • $millions

    commercial impact for Walgreens

  • 30%

    average open rate uplift for Walgreens

Relax, legal team – we’ve got this.

We’ll deliver content that’s always on-brand and legal-compliant with a click of our magic button.

Proven performance

We’ve delivered results for brands like Walgreens – and we’ll do the same for you.

A trusted partner

No need to call IT – we’ll be there every step of the way. You’ll always have full control over the AI.

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