The 3 Cs of increasing content ROI (in uncertain times)

Cutting edge content, minus the brand risk

There’s a cost to playing it safe with your messaging.

Why choose between being brand-safe and cutting edge?

500 senior US marketers are having to sacrifice the latter for the former, according to our exclusive (and brand new) research. 92% are “playing it safe” with their messaging in this tricky current economic and social climate.

But sacrificing your content’s competitive edge to protect your brand means you’ll sacrifice extra ROI.

Follow the 3 Cs in our latest Orange Paper, and you won’t have to. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The 3 Cs of increasing content ROI with cutting edge AND brand-safe messaging
  • Zeitgeist-defining survey data from 500 senior US marketers on current messaging challenges
  • Your guide to squeezing every last drop of juice out of your marketing spend

Highlights from the report

“Playing it safe”, as 92% of marketers admit to doing, could mean you miss out on the cutting edge messaging that would drive clicks and conversions.

With a streamlined approach that accounts for every bit of budget spend with customer data, you can be sure that your content is targeted to the right people, with the messages they want to hear.

Advice from top brands

  • “To build lasting relationships, marketers should use data to deliver relevant content throughout customers’ journeys with the brand and artificial intelligence and automation to optimize content for real-time personalization, based on customers’ engagement, to ensure meeting customer expectations.”

    Guilda Hilaire, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • “Phrasee helped us understand how customers were engaging with different parts of those subject lines, to know where to tone down, and where to tone up certain parts of our brand language.”

    Brian Tyrrell, Senior Director, Customer Marketing Platforms

    Walgreens opinion on brand voice

  • “Using a scientific approach allows us to refine our recipe for success when it comes to engaging customers with our content. We can also see the real-time results and tweak our tactics based on how our customers are responding.”

    Lauren MacArtney, Lifecycle Marketing Manager – Reactivation at Home Chef

  • “FARFETCH markets to a large, global customer base and we can’t pretend to predict the behaviors of millions of users based on human instinct alone.”

    Nadya Matthias, Head of CRM at FARFETCH

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