The power of language

In an era where a pandemic, race riots, and climate disasters all intersect, global brands can’t afford to say the wrong thing. Luckily, all copywriters have to do is stand out from the competition, not upset anyone, generate positive ROI, speak to millions of people in many different languages, and segment into targeted slivers across channels. How hard could it be?

Spoiler alert: it’s hard.

And trying to keep up is costing even the smartest marketers millions. In our pivotal report, Marketing’s Missing Millions: the bottom line about AI and brand language in 2020, we explore the phenomenon of how marketers have optimized everything, but language, and the steps to find the missing millions. We partnered with global research firm Dynata to survey 300 senior marketers about the challenges they’re facing, and interviewed industry trailblazers at major brands like Groupon, Uber, and FARFETCH as well as industry gurus like Leighton L. Chun to see how they’re rising to the challenge.


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Phrasee’s research shows that marketers feel brand language has never been more important

A few key highlights:

  • 82% of marketers struggle to create high-quality branded content.
  • 30% of marketers surveyed say that their CEO pays more attention to their copy now.
  • 51% of enterprise marketers can’t create consistent messaging across all channels, at scale and aligned to their brand.

Are you ready to stop losing millions in revenue (and maybe give your copywriters a much-needed break)?

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"The marketing megastars of the future will be defined by their ability to produce quality content at scale that amplifies brand values, builds long-term consumer trust, and reaches the intended audience.”

Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee