How Domino’s got 26% more opens using Phrasee-powered email subject lines

Find us someone who hates pizza, and we’ll find you an elf riding a unicorn. But – the pizza industry is incredibly competitive, with global players, local chains, and mom-and-pop pizzerias all vying for the same wallet share.

Domino’s has a globally recognised logo, and invest millions every year in building and maintaining their brand’s voice… so, how can they increase customer engagement whilst staying on brand… and keeping hundreds of franchisees happy?

They put their “crust” in Phrasee, and now they’re making dough.

After 2 months of calibration, here are their awesome results to date:


open uplift


click uplift




Email marketing is a key marketing channel for Domino’s. But, in today’s overcrowded inboxes, our challenge was to stay relevant, increase KPIs, and not spam people. Phrasee’s AI honed in on what makes our audience tick… and our email results have been awesome ever since.

Nicola Keane, CRM Manager

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