How Charming Charlie got 10x ROI using Phrasee-powered subject lines

Charming Charlie is an award-winning fashion retailer, with hundreds of outlets across the United States. Their mission is clear: to help every woman, everywhere, find their fabulous.

And – that “everywhere” includes email marketing. But, in today’s cutthroat ecommerce landscape, getting your emails seen is crucial – and challenging.

Phrasee honed in on Charming Charlie’s audience and drove huge revenue spikes that can be honestly described as… well… fabulous.

Awesome results:


With us being in LA and Phrasee in London, we thought time zones would be a challenge. But that wasn’t the case. Phrasee has delivered great value to our bottom line – and that’s why we’re a customer.

Ujjwal Dhoot, Vice President of Marketing

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