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Online classified ads megabrand Gumtree is currently seeking assistance in boosting its email marketing conversion rates. Qualified applicants must possess extensive knowledge of what drives subscribers to open and click, email’s impact on CRM, and maintaining a consistent brand voice. AI expertise an asset.




£50 ONO


Phone Box


£200 ONO

Did Phrasee land the job? Indeed we did.

With Gumtree’s extensive mailing list, robust customer relationships, and digital marketing expertise to draw on, there was nothing classified (#sorrynotsorry) about what was missing: AI optimised email subject lines!

Once Phrasee’s AI language generation tech got to work optimising and split testing Gumtree’s email subject lines at scale, Things improved quickly…


open uplift


click uplift

Now, Gumtree’s team of email marketing experts can get back to doing what they do best: designing and developing stunning, engaging emails for their subscribers, safe in the knowledge that their email subject lines will always be awesome, on-brand, and effective. What brand wouldn’t want that?

Using Phrasee brings our CRM capability a step closer to our goal of becoming best in class for digital marketing.

Matt Button, Head of CRM

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