Use Phrasee for… GDPR.

You asked us if we could use our language superpowers for GDPR, so we got our awesome scientists on it…

Now you can use Phrasee for AI-powered, brand-compliant GDPR emails which will give you up to 36% uplift in opt-ins. What does this mean to you? A 36% bigger database that’s fully GDPR compliant with full opt-in.

Why should I use Phrasee to supercharge my GDPR opt-in?

Heavy Lifting

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Uplifting, that is! Using our award-winning language algorithms, Phrasee generates subject lines and body copy to increase your GDPR-compliant opt-ins. As if it couldn’t get any better, Phrasee’s GDPR also generates an optimal number of sends and test variants based on your database size.

Tailored to your brand voice.

Just because it’s legal compliance doesn’t mean your opt-in emails have to be boring, right? Our computational linguists will write language algorithms tailored to your brand in plain language that your audiences will understand and respond to.

It just keeps getting better.

And all you need to do is feed Phrasee! After every campaign, Phrasee will recalibrate based on the results – which means your opt in numbers will just keep getting better.

Focused on opt-in.

Getting opens alone isn’t gonna cut the mustard – our solution has been specifically developed to give you GDPR compliant opt-ins by using AI-optimised language for your subject lines and body copy.

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