What's next for AI?

One of the main issues raised by the public has always been the loss of jobs due to new AI technology, but in this video, Victoria shares her view that AI technology will augment our existing work rather than displace it. She gives the example of Phrasee, which like other AI companies has had to create new roles to answer a new demand – generated by the emerging technologies. This leads on to the topic of reskilling for these new roles, particularly for people who have been in their sector for many years.

In Victoria’s point of view, embracing these new technologies is essential to avoid being left behind. Finally, Victoria gives us a few examples of tangible use of AI technology in sectors that can be more unexpected, such as therapy and education. She highlights how robotics and AI have been tested in classrooms to assist autistic children and how we can expect to see many more uses of AI technology in education.

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