Personalization + AI = The 2021 Digital Transformation 

This year, the world was turned upside-down, and marketing was by no means spared the chaos. So now, you’re probably sitting on a massive pile of insightful customer data but unsure of what to do next. If that data isn’t actionable, and if you haven’t got a plan for how to resonate with your customers at scale across the whole digital suite, those bytes won’t do a bit of good.

What if you could use that data to delight your customers by delivering a personalized experience? What if you could use it to generate more conversions? What if you could teleport? (Not strictly a data issue there, just something that sounds cool.)

Speakers: Patrick Tripp, SVP of Product Marketing at Cheetah Digital and Matt Potter, VP of Customer Success & Strategy at Phrasee

In this video, Cheetah Digital and Phrasee explain how when they join forces, customers are happier and so is your business’s bank account. You’ll learn:

  • Why the role of marketing language has changed.
  • How to use the data you have on your customers’ behavior to make better decisions.
  • And why combining cutting-edge AI with advanced personalization makes sense for your bottom line.

Watch the video to find out more!

Featured presenters

Matt Potter, VP Customer Success & Strategy,

Matt is a Digital Marketing expert with 20 years at the front line of the marketing technology industry, working with and for large corporates and innovative start ups. He has expertise from working in a number of marketing technology businesses and building out successful, scalable teams to drive growth in the UK, Europe and the US. Matt has worked with a large number of the worlds best loved brands, guiding them through tactical campaign execution and strategic planning across email, mobile, social media and data. He has also had responsibility for building out partner programmes and ecosystems to drive sales growth, customer retention and product development.

Patrick Tripp, SVP of Product Marketing,
Cheetah Digital

Patrick is SVP of Product Marketing at Cheetah Digital, focused on the go-to-market strategy and team for the Customer Engagement Suite. A frequent industry event speaker, Patrick has over 20 years of experience in the technology, consulting, and marketing industries. Prior to Cheetah Digital, Patrick was VP of Product Strategy at RedPoint Global, leading the product roadmap and go-to-market for the Customer Engagement Hub. Previously, Patrick was at Adobe through the acquisition of Neolane, focused on email and real-time decisioning. He has also spent time at Pegasystems, leading product marketing for the next-best-action decision engine, and spent many years at Forrester Research in the research and consulting organizations. He is a certified product manager and holds an MBA from Boston University.

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