Top 9 email tips for peak retail performance

This year’s peak season for retail feels more like Everest than the bunny slope. To get to the summit, you don’t need a yak and an oxygen canister – you need the tried-and-true channel of email. (Imagine actually getting results and being able to track them! Like on a graph! Novel idea.) Use these tips to help you climb to victory in the inbox.

Go beyond A/B

If you’re only A/B testing your subject lines, you should know your competition is “Mwahaha”ing at you, probably while stroking a hairless cat. The most successful retailers are testing 10 subject lines every time they send – you should too.

Target based on tenure

Map out your customer journey. How long has each customer been on your email list? Are the older ones sick of you yet? Which ones are most likely to send you cookies? (THIS PART IS IMPORTANT.) Segment by tenure and target each group with the message that’s right for their stage.

Attack your unsubscribe points

To continue with Tip #2, your customer journey map should help you identify when most of your email subscribers leave – 6 months? A year? Right after you send them that picture of a boil asking if it looks infected? (It is; please see a medical professional.) Once you know when they’re leaving, figure out why and fix it.

Thank your besties

Which customers have the highest LTV? This is a great time to thank them for sticking around – send them an e-gift certificate, or a Cheese of the Month subscription, or a new Lambo (you know your budget better than we do).

Don’t freak out your audience

We’ve all been through a lot this year – it’s been the emotional equivalent of being hit by a truck and then by another, different truck. Be sensitive – now’s not the time for pushy sales tactics, and please don’t use language or emojis that make light of the seriousness going on in the world. We’ve adjusted brand language models, and you should create and distribute your own internal list of “not nows.”

Check your subject lines

Wondering if your subject lines are varied enough? Have you tried essential oils? (We’re just kidding; they can’t help you here.) Load them into our subject line tool for a free way to see how your subject line language compares to your fellow retailers, and why language diversity matters when it comes to higher marketing performance.

Experiment with your language

Now that you’re being sensitive, how can you push the boundaries of your email copy without losing your brand voice? Would a sprinkling of emojis help? Is it time to “stan” a “bae”? Do some multivariate testing to see if you can dial up the phun a bit – it’s worked great for us!

Have fun with cart abandonment

Your customers know that if they put something in their digital cart and digitally walk away that you’ll come digitally running up to them with a discount, begging them not to go. Experiment with ways to make your cart abandonment emails more engaging and surprising.

Try dynamic personalization

As Santa can attest, not everyone has the same thing on their wish list. Try using tech that can actually deliver personalized, dynamic email content that makes sure everyone gets exactly what they want.


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