The 2020 marketing recovery, and how AI can help

It’s been a very difficult and strange time all around in the first half of 2020. The list of disruptions, upheavals, and tragedies that have rocked our world over the past six months is far too long and depressing to get into here, but needless to say, it’s not been an easy time for anyone (except maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger). 

In the marketing realm meanwhile, chaos abounds. Figuring out how, where, and when to talk to brand audiences has never been more difficult. As many brands have discovered, saying the wrong thing on the wrong channel on the wrong day can (and often does) have a negative real-world impact on your bottom line. 

A whole new ballgame

As household names like Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima go back to the branding drawing board amid social media backlash, brands across the globe are rethinking their marketing approach. In a consumer landscape where tastes, preferences, and social outlooks change on a dime, how can brands stay ahead of the curve and protect the relationships they’ve spent countless marketing millions building with their audiences? 

The answer to that all-important question, it turns out, may be found in an emerging technology that has been coming into its own across the marketing landscape over the past few years: artificial intelligence. 

The new rules of copywriting

The language you use to communicate with your brand’s audience has never been more heavily scrutinized than it is today. The way your brand speaks to its audience during troubled times is no longer simply an issue of short-term KPIs, it’s become a business-critical issue that resonates (or at least should resonate) at the highest leadership level of every business.  

What you say as a brand – and how you say it – has far reaching effects on the long-term success of your brand. Churning out sub-par marketing copy just for the sake of it simply isn’t good enough anymore. The digital age, and the socially conscious consumers it has brought with it, demand more.  

This shift in consumers’ perceptions of brands and their marketing has created a marketing landscape that shifts beneath our collective feet with startling regularity. The spammy clickbait marketing tactics of old have had their day. The age of brand messaging is upon us.  

An unorthodox solution

Every email your brand sends, every Facebook ad it posts, every notification it pushes, valuable performance data is generated. Within this data, there is crucial information to be gleaned and important insights to be gained. The trouble is, with the volume of marketing required to service today’s multiplicitous channels and platforms makes sifting through all that data an arduous – even impossible -task for most brands.  

The insight into what types of copy work on your brand’s unique audience – and what types don’t – is in the data. Extracting that information and turning it into actionable marketing insight and optimized marketing copy is the tricky part. 

That’s where AI comes in.  

With billions of possible variations of any marketing message, finding just the right thing to say in just the right way to just the right audience has been largely a guessing game powered by nothing more than human intuition throughout marketing’s history. Sometimes, copywriters get it right, and sometimes they don’t. 

With AI-Powered Copywriting at their backs, however, the probability of copywriters delivering a branded message that resonates with your unique audience in your brand’s unique tone of voice is increased significantly. 

AI’s innate ability to sift through mountains of marketing performance data and identify the signal in the noise makes it a perfectly suited tool to identify the optimal copy to use in any piece of marketing on any channel. It can predict, with startling accuracy, what words, phrases, syntax, and semantics will help drive the consumer engagement that lies at the heart of the brand-consumer relationship. 

A tool for all seasons

Global enterprise brands like DominoseBay, and Virgin Holidays all credit AI-Powered Copywriting with increasing audience engagement on multiple digital marketing channels. And, with audience engagement on digital channels at an absolute premium during the 2020 marketing recovery, even an incremental increase in consumer engagement can mean millions in additional sales revenue at the end of the day. 

With effective brand messaging upending the discount-drive, clickbait tactics of yesteryear and taking its rightful place in the drivers seat of the brand-consumer relationship, there has never been a better time than now to embrace the awesome power of artificial intelligence and empower your marketing to meet the emergent challenges of the day. 

As Phrasee CEO Parry Malm likes to say: language is the crux of all marketing. AI-Powered Copywriting is the most effective tool the world has ever seen for ensuring that the language of your brand’s message is optimized for the shifting tastes of the modern consumer, increasing digital marketing engagement, and positively impacting your brand’s bottom line. 

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