Testing, Triggers, Tips & Trends: The 4 Ts Every Marketer Needs Right Now

Marketers are having a heck of a time right now! Between supply chain fiascos, understaffing due to The Great Resignation and ongoing pandemic uncertainty, they could use a win!

Well, we’re here to help. By focusing on The 4 Ts, marketers can develop smart long-term strategies (and a few quick hacks) to start delivering some wins this year. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • TESTING that actually delivers results instead of taking up your time
  • TRIGGER campaigns that deliver dramatic results (you’ve never been this excited about an abandoned cart!)
  • TIPS for optimizing your language in a post-MPP world
  • TRENDS you need to be on top of this year

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Featured presenters

Jen Capstraw, Co-Founder
Women of Email

Jen Capstraw is going to give you a testing strategy that you won’t hate at all!

Liam Savage, Customer Success Director

Customer Success extraordinaire Liam Savage is going to show you how to turn abandoned carts into GIGANTIC piles of cash.

Neil Yager, PHD, Distinguished Data Scientist

Phrasee co-founder Neil Yager is going to tell you how to survive Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection WITHOUT breathing into a paper bag.

Mariana Lima, CRM Partner
Wunderman Thompson 

Trend-maestro Mariana Lima is going to tell you which marketing trends you should be paying attention to (and no, it’s not TikTok dances).

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