Right message, right person, right time

It is the holy grail of optimizing the customer experience: delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. The right person and the right time? Solved. But what about the right message? It’s the one piece of the marketing puzzle that has been missing…until now.

Enter Brand Language Optimization, the missing link in the CX ecosystem. Watch to learn what it is and how leading brands are using this AI-technology to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze brand language, as well as:

  • Why the language brands use matters more than ever to create meaningful customer experiences.
  • How technology is helping marketers build high-performance campaigns that deliver the right message, create competitive advantage, and drive growth.
  • How Facebook drove a 91% increase in email opens through optimized language.

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Featured presenters

Parry Malm, CEO,

Parry is a well-known digital marketing dude. He has worked with countless brands and media outlets to help them optimize their online results, and is one of the world’s leading experts on email marketing (which he blogs about here sometimes.) He started his career coding middleware for CRM software, then sent out millions of emails for global brands, before running the strategy department for an ESP. He holds a BBA (1st) in Marketing & Statistics and can probably beat you in an Excel-off. On weekends, he helps wayward youths see the error of their ways through the magic of interpretive dance.

Leighton Chun, Digital Marketing Leader,
Facebook Reality Labs

As the Digital Marketing Lead at the Facebook Reality Labs, Leighton oversees CRM, Web and Growth marketing for the Facebook Portal brand and is responsible for the development and optimization of omni-channel lifecycle messaging across all surfaces. With over a decade of CRM experience under his belt, Leighton has an extensive know-how in email, web, affiliate, social, mobile, and search marketing. He is a data-driven marketer, believing that “data and innovation are the keys to unlocking the true potential of digital marketing.” He has a diverse professional background with a rich mix of entrepreneurial endeavors and executive positions. In 2010, he co-founded a travel website and has previously held senior roles at global brands including eBay, Buy.com, Rakuten and RetailMeNot.

Blake Miller, Senior Director of Product Marketing,

Blake Miller, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce, has over 20-years of experience working in media and technology, primarily in product development, sales, and marketing. For the last decade, he has been focused on email marketing and advertising technology, helping brands create relationships at scale. Prior to joining Salesforce, he previously worked at ESPN and CareerBuilder. He has an MBA from DePaul and BA from Baylor.

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