Ramping up marketing and planning for recovery when lockdown lifts

Marketing in the time of COVID-19

AI-Powered Copywriting offers a golden opportunity for marketers…

Across the globe, companies are now faced with the abrupt digitalization of shopping experiences, working practices, and home life. As consumer behavior shifts due to social distancing and restricted living, in-store footfall has fallen while ecommerce and online sales in certain product categories have grown…

So, you’re doubling down on digital. But, so is everyone else. Now, more than ever, standing out from the crowd is crucial to brand success. Make your marketing language stand out… download your copy of ‘Ramping up marketing when lockdown lifts’ to gain insight into:

  • The current landscape of retail marketing
  • The impact of COVID-19 on retail
  • The power of email communications
  • How AI-Powered Copywriting can help
  • A tale of two retail strategies
  • Accelerating for recovery

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