Phrasee in the news

We don’t know how to put this, but we’re kind of a big deal. Scroll through some of our recent features in the news, global press releases and exclusive interviews.

May 2020 coverage

Our weird behavior during the pandemic is messing with AI models

Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, speaks to Will Douglas Heaven for MIT Tech Review on how Phrasee has adjusted their AI algorithms to support customers in the pandemic.

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March 2020 coverage

eBay, Domino’s, and more are using AI that’s eerily human-like to write ads and emails — the CEO behind the tech explains how it works

Business Insider

Parry Malm explains to Business Insider how Phrasee’s AI technology works, and how it’s making money for global brands.

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January 2020 coverage

How CMOs Can Master Martech To Drive Disruption

In this Forbes article, Parry Malm, co-founder and CEO of Phrasee, addressed how CMO’s can master marketing technology to drive business transformation and disruption.

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December 2019 coverage

Marketers are using A.I. to prevent damage to brand reputation

Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, tells CNBC’s James Wright why marketing communications shouldn’t focus on discounts and negative emotions.

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The “tiny” problem that launched a £ multimillion marketing business

Phrasee’s CEO Parry Malm guest writes for New Digital Age on how Phrasee came to be the impressive scale-up it is today.

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12 Everyday Applications Of Artificial Intelligence Many People Aren’t Aware Of

Forbes count down 12 applications of AI that most people don’t even realize they experience every day, including input from Parry Malm on post office tech.

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November 2019 Coverage

A Tale of Two CEOs

Creativity and authenticity matter in digital marketing: read what happened when DMN’s Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria sat down with Phrasee CEO Parry Malm, and Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma.

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The first rule of Black Friday marketing is: You do not talk about Black Friday

Do you know what the second rule of Black Friday marketing is? YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT BLACK FRIDAY! Read what Parry Malm (or is it Tyler Durden?) had to say about your Black Friday marketing campaigns.

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Are you ready to start using AI in your marketing? Eight members of Ad Age Collective share some practical approaches to making this technology impactful for your own business campaigns.

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October 2019 Coverage

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

Mike Kaput writes for the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute on how you can start using artificial intelligence to dramatically improve your advertising performance today, even if you don’t know the first thing about AI.

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Introducing She’s the Business

HSBC conducted research, and found that found that female entrepreneurs receive 5 per cent less funding than male entrepreneurs, globally. They spoke to over 1,200 entrepreneurs to find out why – including our lovely COO Victoria Peppiatt.

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Use Cases for AI in Advertising

Marketing AI Institute have spent years investigating AI use cases in marketing.. In that time, they’ve found some great use cases for AI that you can start using today for advertising.

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Phrasee’s COO, Victoria Peppiatt, features in Business Leader’s coverage of HSBC’s “She’s the Business” report.

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Martech Heroes: Data privacy is like having insurance…

The Drum interviewed our own CEO Parry Malm, to talk about the Martech gold rush and his thoughts on the digital marketing landscape.

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Emotional marketing matters… more than you think PRESS Emotional marketing matters… more than you think

Phrasee CEO Parry Malm writes for Econsultancy about how emotions do matter – but not in the way some people tell you, on World Mental Health Day.

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How Dixons Carphone changed its culture around digital transformation

Saul Lopes, Head of Customer Relationship Management, talks about Phrasee’s vital implementation in Dixons Carphone’s digital transformation.

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14 useful email marketing KPIs for your business

In this piece, Econsultancy outline 14 KPIs for email marketing that you can use to track performance. Each of them will give you some indication of how effective email is for your business as a marketing channel.

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How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Email

How often do you listen to your intuition when making a decision? That “gut feeling” is an essential human function. But when it comes to marketing? Your gut feeling is probably wrong.

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Movable Ink Moves Into Mobile And Sets Up A Martech Marketplace

Announcing the launch of the Movable Ink Exchange, which helps clients find solutions and partners (like Phrasee!).

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September 2019 Coverage


Ever wondered what a CEO eats for breakfast? Business Leader’s Barney Cotton spoke to our own Parry Malm to find out about typical his working day.

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August 2019 Coverage

Phrasee reveals how artificial intelligence will change marketing

Luke Graham sits down with Phrasee’s CEO, Parry Malm, to discuss how artificial intelligence technologies like Phrasee are going to change the marketing industry.

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July 2019 Coverage

How eBay Uses Artificial Intelligence for Copywriting [Case Study]

Mike Kaput covers Phrasee’s recently released discussion between CEO Parry Malm and eBay’s Associate Creative Director Molly Prosser on AI’s involvement in the future of copywriting.

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June 2019 Coverage

Everything You Need to Know About Testing Language to Increase Marketing Performance

Stu Elmes, our Content Strategist here at Phrasee, contributes to MAII’s blog with this piece on how to optimize your marketing language.

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The killer metric for email subject lines that ‘experts’ don’t understand

Our own Parry Malm writes for Econsultancy on the uncertainty of metrics in marketing, and how instead of trying to predict unpredictable variables, marketers should embrace uncertainty.

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The Rise Of AI Powered Content

This article on Medium provides an in-depth look at AI and some of its many applications – including Phrasee for your email marketing copy needs.

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The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

The latest instalment of Econsultancy’s weekly roundup of digital marketing stats features Phrasee’s recent survey on the use of negative emotions in marketing.

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Phrasee Launches Dashboard to Give Marketers Real-Time Revenue Review of Global Email Campaigns

Yahoo Finance cover the press release of Phrasee’s brand new dashboard, which helps their customers to see their results and forecasts in real time.

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Phrasee Adds Global Email Performance Dashboard

Phrasee has launched a dashboard which displays uplift and revenue forecasting, and identifies instances where incorrect testing methodology is being used.

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The Ethical Marketing Movement

The DMA cover Phrasee’s recent Return on Ethics report, the second phase in their Emotions Matter call to arms for brands to stop using negative emotions in their marketing.

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User experience will suffer without trust in AI

Ben Davis for Marketing Week explores how AI should be presented to the user, in order to improve user experience and encourage trust in the machines.

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B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

Econsultancy’s report on best practices for B2B content marketing features Phrasee as a reference to future formats and executions of content.

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