P&O Cruises raises sales with AI

Phrasee climbs aboard to help P&O Cruises diversify its marketing messages and boost engagement

P&O Cruises is at the pinnacle of commercial cruising, but when it comes to marketing, its optimization is never complete.

The company felt that AI-generated content could make its communications more diverse and boundary pushing, raising the company’s engagement to its full potential.

Download the case study to see how P&O Cruises:

  • Boosted its promotional campaigns with a 13% open rate uplift and an 18% click increase
  • Outperformed human lines in 100% of cases with AI-powered
  • Is generating a projected £644k in incremental revenue over 12 months

"Each quarterly report shows that our performance has improved since we’ve started using Phrasee. That and the fact that Phrasee’s copy always beats ours!”

- Matthew Cooper, Email Marketing Manager, P&O Cruises