Phrasee Post 

The world’s first newspaper – all about us!

Bored of the modern-day fandango? Just wish you could grab a good ol’ fashioned newspaper, and sit down with your feet up? Well, we can meet you halfway! Introducing a world first – the Phrasee Post. A newspaper, all about us. It’s online because we’re still a tech company after all.  

Pheatures include:  

  • Breaking News: insider gossip on Phrasee’s evolution from the horse’s/CEO’s mouth 
  • Product News: first look at a cutting-edge new product suite  
  • Business: numbers go down, but they mainly go up 
  • Technology: challenges, insights and recommendations for the industry   
  • Sports: latest match results from those in the know   
  • Horoscopes: find out what the stars have in store for your marketing future  

So, without further ado, grab a cuppa and have a read 

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